Albert Export protagonist at Project Qatar

Albert Export was one of the 22 Emilia Romagna’s companies which took part in the last Qatar Project Fair, on the 12-15th may 2014 in Doha.

Project Qatar is the most important business event in Qatar. Every year the fair has a focus on constructions and infrastructures, with special attention given to new materials, sustainable technologies and innovations.

Thanks to the new infrastructural plan approved by Qatar in 2011, the country is now experimenting a boom in infrastructural projects. With the incoming 2022 Fifa World Cup the government approved a 250 Billions USD plan to build up the needed structures, included Hotels, infrastructures, highways and railway.

The building sector covers the 34% of the total investment plan, with an expected raise of the real estate of 55 USD Billions. In two years will be built 197.000 sq meters of commercial spaces, with a 92% increment of the actual situation.

These and other project offers interesting business opportunities. In the last 5 years the bilateral trade between Italy and Qatar has raised by more than 500%.